10 Mobile Apps that helps you to Grow Your Career and Increase Productivity


The utilization of practically available apps can add up to your productivity than anything else. You may end up your work with lots of stress and pressure. You may want to get organized with your routine but your scattered tasks or chores are not taking a leave.

There are certain types of mobile apps like Uber for your Career which makes an alignment with the daily activities to increase your Productivity. Managing your activities efficiently, getting reminders, saving time can get easier with these excellent performing apps.

Here is a list presenting the Best Career Mobile Apps used in recent times:

1. Evernote

Having notes of the work is a competitively challenging task but helps in the long run work processing. This Mobile App for Careers becomes so helpful while attending the meetings and taking notes of important work. Essential notes and agenda can be easily recorded in the Evernote app.

Working on priority tasks that need a tracing of the communication took place with the seniors. Evernote assists in tracking all the details from the app. It can be used easily by anyone. It has multipurpose usage by connecting with multimedia.

The app provides ease with sharing of documents, pictures, and videos. It makes the compilation of a checklist of the tasks noted down in the app. It gives a trouble-free approach to personal and professional tasks.

2. Dropbox or Onedrive

Keeping your important documents handy has become a must. Meetings, interviews, studies, and every other work-related document has to be stored in one place. It be-fall urgent working circumstances and solves your problems on an instant basis. Dropbox or Onedrive has stated capacity to store the files.

It is a kind of virtual data storage of different types of files which gives you remote access from any place. This app is one of the secure ways to protect your documents on the cloud platform. You get everything accessible wherever you go.

3. 1password

We are always worried about the data security for our accounts and personal details over the internet platform. One may always get worried about losing the data or shoplifting the data. Having a strong password can protect your data with tough encryption.

It is easier for the thieves to acknowledge your password if you keep it simple and easy to remember. 1password is a platform where you can have your digital password vault. It preserves your passwords in one place and provides access as and when required. It also expresses the high-level multifaceted password which keeps your data and password tenable forever.

4. Expensify

Taking advances and making payments at different places belongs to employees every day. Employees are expected to have the receipts for reimbursement purposes. Expensify is the most relevant app to document everything. It smoothens the process of expense tracking at the time it took place. Employees can access the app and directly share the receipts or the bills like documents.

They can simply define the details of the purchase along with the specified particulars and amounts. They can easily share the pictures of the documents with the authorized person one by one or all together. It is the most convenient app to save time for all the settlement work.

5. Habit list

At any point, a person may feel motivated to improvise with the habits he has. He can get assured success by using the exclusive features of the Habit list app. It can help anyone to grow up and reach the goals they have dreamt of. The tracker will help you to accomplish your habit list such as running, walking, drinking water, exercise, meditation, and so on.

6. Camcard

Sharing your business card with each and every person you meet has become an outdated version. Camcard allows you to carry digitally performing business cards to access it feasibly. Possibly, it makes your work easy and uncluttered.

You are not necessarily required for saving the business network into your personal cell phone nor have you to keep up with the details of work associations. It is beneficial for the sales and marketing-related employees who can connect the calls directly through the app and send emails too.

7. Zendesk

Zendesk is like your virtual assistant app for benefiting the queries asked by third parties. The app has in-built solutions over commonly asked queries and questions which acts as an SOP that is Standard operating procedure documentation. The zendesk can be operated manually as well as automatically. It becomes your customer care system that can work freely and 24 x 7.

8. Skedulo

Skedulo can be said as a partner assistant for team leaders. The app facilitates the allocation of work within the team. The manager or leader can assign the particular jobs to the team by providing the details of date, time, deadline, project work details, etc.

Proper harmonization among the team can be possible through Skedulo. It comes with excessive tools like maps and calendars and also records and tracks the jobs assigned to the workers.

9. 15Five

Checking with the updates of the work is the most important task for the managers for increasing the efficiency. 15five has all the great features to track job-related activities through communication.

Coordinators can fulfill the demands and queries raised by the workers on this platform. Performance analysis reports facilitate growth ratio and support further decisions.

10. Trello

Trello is a multitasking app that offers a simplified to-do list and works like a tracking tool too. Every project can be managed accurately and wisely by assembling the documents at one cloud-based platform.

Extensive features of Trello satisfy the demands of higher authorities to organize and conclude the project streamlines.

These few mobile apps for career and productivity will help to boost the productivity of the employees in any workplace.

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