List Of Countries Where Torrenting Is Not Permitted

Are you frequently using torrents for downloading files? But do you know? Not in every country is torrenting permitted. Sharing and downloading copyright material is always a punishable offence. This is the reason many countries are banning torrenting sites. Among these countries, the users are getting imprisonment as punishment for torrenting. And somewhere, you can not open the torrent sites.

Copyright is a crime if you are going to use the torrents for only downloading the files. You should always take measured steps to know about the cyber law of the country. Because if you are going to change your location, your old habit can cause punishment.

List Of Countries Where Torrenting Is Illegal

The list of countries is always changing because every country is upgrading its cyber law system. And for torrenting and other downloading sites, these rules are upgraded each year.
So, if you do not want to face the punishable crime, take a look at the countries where torrenting is illegal.

We can separate the country’s name as per the punishments and the cyber law enforcement. In the first category, we will discuss which countries are shutting down the torrent sites, and the other one is where torrenting is counted as a crime and applies punishments to the users.

The Name Of The Countries Where The Torrenting Sites Are Shutting Down

The countries that are now shutting down torrenting for their copyright issues will be on this list.

If you are currently in these countries, be careful. You may not get the punishments, but you can not access the torrents site from these countries. If you just want to watch any movie, go for free online movie watch sites like Uwatchmovies.

Here are the names of these countries that are currently shutting down the torrenting sites.

  • Russia
  • China
  • US
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Malaysia
  • Portugal
  • Latvia

The Name Of The Countries Where The Torrenting Is Illegal

Many countries are shutting down the torrent site because of copyright issues. But we have those names where torrenting is entirely illegal there. If you are still downloading the files from these counties, the cyber law will be enforced on you.

These country law systems can fine you; even imprisonment is also possible. So never ask what happens if you get caught torrenting in these countries. Better know the consequences.

So better take a look at the name of these countries where torrenting is entirely illegal.

  • Finland
  • Japan
  • France
  • Germany
  • UK

Can You Do Torrenting Without Being Punished?

Yes, of course, you can do torrenting without getting punished. If you are using the right VPN for your network, you can use the torrent sites and enjoy downloading the site. A private virtual network is not only going to give you access to the torrent sites.

Your locations are also getting hidden by the use of the VPN. And you can simply be connecting to a server from a different country. So if you want to continue using torrent sites, better use the right VPN network.

But when you are choosing the right VPN for your server. Choose your VPN by checking their rules and the facilities because every VPN will not permit you to access the torrent sites. If you are currently in those countries where torrenting is illegal. Always check the facilities which the VPN service providers offer.

Wrapping It Up

The countries are taking steps to block the torrent sites because of illegal copyright issues. But if you are going to use the VPN for your personal use, you can unblock those sites and enjoy unlimited downloads. Are you currently using any VPN for uninterrupted downloading? Do not forget to share your valuable experiences with us.

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