Five Video Game Streaming Sites

The video game industry is booming, and the community of professional and amateur gamers has now become an independent world and industry. Gamers utilize game streaming sites and platforms all over the world to share their games in real-time, collect feedback and grow.

The community makes money to play. Some of these platforms are free, some are not, and for streaming media that are life, choosing a good service for your live streaming media can be challenging.

Five video game streaming sites where you can learn the difference for yourself and start streaming games immediately.


Twitch has maintained an undisputed leadership position among the best streaming game sites. For gamers, this is a good social network and is considered the most popular game streaming site that is easy to use and powerful.

After Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014, the importance of streaming games began to increase. Today, it has millions of gamers, including more than 15 million daily active users and 9 million channels. In addition, twitch is free and compatible with the most popular video streaming services.

There are video playlists and useful navigation features such as tags and favorites. In addition, the site allows you to connect with other users, subscribe to their feeds, and stay updated with product announcements.

In case if you love some of the videos a lot, you can actually get Twitch clips offline with 4Hub. If you are not familiar with video game streaming, please choose the option below. Are you lost in the ocean of everyday content? If you are a streamer, do you know that it is very difficult to stand out from Twitch?

The great thing is that even famous streamers must broadcast regularly and work tirelessly on their programs to avoid losses and subscribers. This is one of the reasons that even today’s best gamers, regardless of Twitch’s reputation, are looking for an alternative, independent game streaming site.

Youtube Gaming

Youtube Gaming is a Google attempt like Amazon’s Twitch. Since then, the platform has changed and developed into an impressive project with its characteristics. In terms of functionality, this is similar to Twitch in many respects and similar to YouTube in many respects, so its design is intuitive.

As part of YouTube, you can choose to gather all your video content in one place. Chat and streaming are tightly integrated, and the platform allows you to stream games and add 4K “Let’s Play” at 60 FPS.

The website also enables streaming media to generate a lot of revenue through its link to the Google Adsense advertising platform.


Since being acquired by Microsoft in 2016, Mixer has established a good reputation and community. One of its advantages is integrating with the Xbox One and Windows 10 dashboard, which provides gamers with new streaming options. These platforms.

It is not only a streaming platform but also a diversified community with its own paid virtual currency called Embers (equivalent to Twitch’s Bits), which allows you to purchase advanced skills-animated stickers, full-screen effects, and custom chat messages and The ability to donate to your favorite ribbon. In addition, the platform allows you to stream with up to four other players.

This is a very cool feature, rarely seen on other websites. The mixer is also commonly known for its impressive speed, excellent real-time analysis, statistics, and excellent design. All of this makes Mixer one of the most popular Twitch alternatives.

Although the mixer community is still small (approximately 69,000 streamers compared to 1.5 million on Twitch gamers, it has achieved a certain status and attracted professional gamers-the gaming community has recently caught fire with ninjas, ninjas are ninjas, it is among the most popular game streaming media in the United States, Die Welt decided to leave Twitch for Mixer, the emphasis on the mixer has greatly improved its reputation.

Facebook Gaming

Not surprisingly, after giants such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft entered the game streaming business. Facebook also chose this kind of fun. With the largest online community and domain names that do not need to be introduced.

Facebook seems to be on the right track in this new field. As with YouTube games, having a ready-to-use web environment that almost everyone is familiar with is a huge benefit when developing a new service.

The two-click stream from the Facebook page may be one of the main reasons Facebook Gaming is so popular. But it seems that Facebook Gaming is not only trying to expand the audience but also trying to improve the quality of the game.

What you can learn from the news, including their dealings with Paladins, Dormitory Heroes, and Global Escalator ESL. Facebook recently launched the Level Up program, which provides powerful tools for Facebook streaming to attract viewers and make money.

Level Up provides members with personalized help from Facebook support and 1080p streaming at 60 frames per second. In addition, it provides access to a special virtual currency called Facebook Stars and other features that can be used to build a community around your channel.


DLive streaming media platform is in a leading position in terms of profitability and community-building strategies. However, donations and promises will never be realized.

The platform pointed out that 90.1% of all subscriptions and freebies are directly provided to creators. The remaining 9.9% of people gather every day in a team that rewards the most active members of the DLive community.

To tell how impressive this is, it is enough just to say that Twitch’s channel subscription revenue accounts for 50% of its revenue.

Thanks to the support of the famous YouTube player and leader PewDiePie, the platform has achieved an impressive lead. The creator has 93 million subscribers. PewDiePie said: “I really like DLive because they treat me as a true partner like all other streaming media on a platform.”

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