Reliance Jio Offering 2 Year Unlimited Calls and Data For Jio Phone Users

Reliance Jio is now offering unlimited calls and data benefits to all Jio Phone users. The company now introduced a new unlimited plan which offers 2 years unlimited calls and data benefit.

Jio’s 2-Year Plan with Unlimited Calls and Data

Jio introduced two new plans for new Jio Phone users, and the first one costs Rs. 1999/- and the second costs Rs. 1499/-

Jio Phone Plan For Rs. 1999/-

In this Plan, new Jio phone users will get unlimited calls for 2 years and 2GB of high-speed data every month. Data benefit will be available for the whole 2 years.

Jio Phone’s Plan 1499/-

Plan 1499 offers the same unlimited calls for the whole 2 years and 2GB data per year. In this Plan, the user will get 4GB of data for the entire 2 years.

Since both plans offer unlimited data benefits, after exhausting the high-speed data, users will be able to browse the internet with reduced speed.

New Unlimited Plan For existing Jio Phone Users

Existing Jio Phone users will enjoy the unlimited benefits using a new plan that costs Rs. 749. With this plan, users will get unlimited calls for 1 year along with 2GB of high-speed data per month.

All these plans will come into effect on March 1st, 2021. Users can activate these offers after March 1st.

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