Airtel Incoming Validity Extension Recharge Packs

Minimum recharge is now mandatory for all the telecom companies like Airtel, Idea, etc. Without the monthly minimum recharge pack, users are not able to receive incoming calls on their number. Airtel SIM validity extension recharge is available from Rs. 79 and for higher plan airtel incoming validity recharge can extend up to one year maximum.

Here we are listing some of the airtel incoming validity recharge plans available now.

Airtel Validity Extension Smart Recharge

The minimum recharge available with Airtel to extend the validity and get the incoming call facility is with Pack 79.

With the Airtel Smart Pack 79, users can extend the validity of the airtel SIM by 28 days. Additionally, you will get Rs. 64 Talktime along with 200MB data. Users can make all calls at 1ps per second. Outgoing SMS facility is not available with this Plan.

Airtel Incoming validity recharge with Pack 128

Pack 128 is the next available Smart recharge plan. This plan is not recommended as the best plan is Pack 79 itself. The downside of this plan is, it also offers 28 days validity. No Talktime available, No data available. Call charge is 2.5ps per second. The only plus point is you can send SMS at the rate of Rs. 1 and Rs. 1.5 per SMS for local and STD. But for that, you need to recharge with a Talktime Plan.

So, this plan is beneficial only in the case of Mobile Number Portability. If you are doing the recharge for MNP, you can go for this plan.

Cheapest Airtel Sim Validity Extension Recharge

The cheapest Airtel SIM validity extension recharge is Plan 19. With this plan, Airtel users will get a validity of 2 days with unlimited call benefits and 200 MB of data. No outgoing SMS is available with this Plan.

Airtel Validity Recharge For 1 Year

If you are looking for a long validity recharge for the airtel number, we have some one-year airtel sim validity recharge available.

Plan 1498

With Airtel Unlimited Pack 1498, users will get a validity of 365 days. You can make unlimited calls for the whole 1 year. Total 24GB data for one year. 3600 SMS also available with this pack

Plan 2498

If you are looking for more data with your airtel number and a long-term incoming validity, this pack will be more useful. With this plan, users will get a validity of 365 days with unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS per day, and 2GB of data per day.

Additionally, if you can spend Rs. 200 more, a plan for Rs. 2698 offers the same benefits as Plan 2498, along with a Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription for 1 year.

Since Disney+ Hotstar is changing all their plan from September 2021, we recommend recharge only after that, As the Hotstar VIP plan will automatically migrate to the Hotstar Super plan from September 2021 onwards.

Why Airtel Lifetime Validity Recharge Not Available?

Airtel Lifetime validity recharge pack is not available now. Therefore, users need to recharge with any of the available plan recharge packs every month to keep their number active. Companies abandoned the lifetime packs and put the monthly and yearly validity packs to keep the revenue stable.

So, based on the validity pack chosen, users can get validity up to a maximum of 1 year from Airtel. To continue receiving incoming calls and to make outgoing calls, users need to recharge subsequently.

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