How to Activate Outgoing Calls in Vi

Activate Outgoing Calls in Vi

All the telecom operators in the country need a monthly minimum recharge to keep the number active and for incoming and outgoing calls. Vi also doesn’t have any exceptions. The rebranded Vodafone Idea, Vi, also needs its customers to do minimum recharge every month to activate outgoing and incoming calls.

Earlier, all the telecom operators used to offer lifetime connections with lifelong free incoming call facilities. However, they stopped the free incoming calls once the competition had gone higher. Each user needed to perform monthly recharge to keep the number and activate the outgoing and incoming calls.

In this article, we will see some of the minimum recharge plans available for Vi to activate the incoming calls.

Vi Minimum Recharge Plans

If your idea’s incoming validity expired, you could do the recharge with one of the minimum recharge packs listed below.

Plan 99 with 28 days Validity

The cheapest plan available with Vi now is Plan 99. With this plan, you will get a service validity with both incoming and outgoing calls for 28 days. Additionally, Rs 99 Talktime balance will be credited, and all the calls can be made at 1 paisa per second. With this plan, you won’t get the outgoing SMS facility. So if you wish to port your number during this plan validity time, avoid recharging this plan, as the plan won’t allow you to send SMS. The 99 plan offers 200 MB of data too.

Plan 107 With 30 days Validity

Plan 107 is also the same as the 99 plan, and the only difference is in the validity and the Talktime. Here the validity will be 30 days with a Talktime balance of Rs. 107. You will get 200 MB of data with this plan. Outgoing SMS will not be available with this plan also.

Plan 111 With 31 days Validity

Plan 111 offers 31 days validity with a Talktime balance of Rs. 111. This plan also offers 200 MB of data with no outgoing SMS facility.

Plan 118 With 28 days Validity

Plan 118 offers 28 days of validity. However, you won’t get any Talktime benefits with this plan. Additionally, the plan offers 12GB data. You need to have the Talktime balance separately from this plan to make outgoing calls. Plan 118 doesn’t offer outgoing SMS.

Vi Plan 149

Next higher plan, which is truly unlimited with 21 days validity. Since it is an unlimited plan, you won’t get any Talktime. However, you can make unlimited calls for the whole 21 days. Along with the plan, you can make SMS but need additional Talktime balance, as it doesn’t offer free SMS. This plan offers 1GB of data also.

Plan 155

Plan 155 is the best all-in-one plan available from Vi. This plan offers 24 days of validity with truly unlimited calls and 1 GB of data. This plan also provides 300 outgoing SMS for the whole 24 days period.

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