Which One Is Better Clip Studio Paint Ex or Pro?

Clip Studio Paint is used by both beginners and professionals. If you compare Clip studio paint with photoshop then, you can buy Clip studio paint because it contains more features. Clip studio paint software has two versions CSP Ex or Pro.

Now, the question arises which one is better and classifies the difference between Clip studio paint Ex vs Pro. If you want to clarify your problem then, you should read this article because it contains the solution to your question.

Is CSP good for animation?

Clip studio paint is good for small animated films. It has lots of brushes and colors which you can use to make animated videos or images more clear. You can apply your imagination to your animation work.


You can choose the version from Clip studio paint Ex or Pro by reading the features of both of them. We are providing a list of features of CSP Ex or Pro which you can analyze before make your purchase done.

Difference between Clip studio paint Ex or Pro

Clip Studio Paint Ex Clip Studio Paint Pro
Tools & brushes Unlimited Limited
Monthly usage plan $2.49/month $0.99/month
One time payment of Windows & macOS $219 $49.99
Multiple pages in a single file Yes No
Print & export multi-page document Yes No
Convert images and 3D models into lines and dots Yes No

Clip studio paint Ex has more features as compared to the Pro version. This is the reason its cost is also high from the clip studio paint pro.

Is Clip Studio paint Ex better than Pro?

If you make the comparison between clip studio paint ex vs pro, then you become able to choose the software. Many people can have a misunderstanding that the ex version contains fewer features than Pro. But, this is not true because the CSP Ex version software has more features and quality than the Pro version.

It depends on the requirement of the users for what purpose they need animation software. If you are a beginner and want animation software for learning then, a CSP ex is best for you.

Clip studio paint ex version is used by those people who only want to draw and need no special effects. But if you want more animated features with unlimited brushes for design and colors, then choose CSP pro.

Can you upgrade Clip Studio Paint Pro to Ex?

Yes, you can upgrade the Clip Studio Paint Pro to the Ex version in a simple way. Ex version is costly when you compare it with the Clip studio paint pro. Because ex has more features and brushes than clip studio paint pro. But you can get the ex version at a discounted price by converting your CSP ex to a pro version.


CSP has a 30 digit serial number that you can get from the purchase confirmation email of CSP pro. This serial number is alphanumeric and always begins with SP. When you want to upgrade your Clip Studio Paint Pro to the Ex version then, you should follow these steps.

How to purchase/ upgrade Clip studio paint at a discounted price?

  • Go to clip studio paint’s official website
  • Tab on buy from my our discounted price page
  • Enter 30 digit alphanumeric serial number of CSP pro begins with SP
  • Purchase clip studio paint coupon code pro version from special page.
  • This is the trick by which you can buy the clip studio paint ex’s all features at minimum price. If you directly buy the CSP ex animated tool, it may be costly for you. But if you upgrade your clip studio paint pro to ex then, it comes at a reasonable price.

Does clip studio paint pro gets expire?

Clip studio paint pro version carries 24 months license on its plan. And when this plan gets expire after this, you upgrade your CSP pro to ex or debut. This is the simple way to get the Ex version at an affordable price and the Debut version free of cost.

An overview of Clip Studio Paint Ex vs Pro

Now, you have read all the information regarding clip studio paint ex and pro. Before purchase, an animated version of CSP, analyze your need.

You can choose the CSP pro version if you are a beginner and have no high demand for related to animation. It is also pocket-friendly as it charges less price.

Clip studio paint ex is mostly used by those users who are professional and need more animated effects. It carries unlimited for drawing and you can also convert your 2d or 3d models into lines and dots.

With the use of CSP ex, you can explore your animation by creating your masterpiece according to your imagination. It carries lots of features and provides more quality that’s why it is a little bit costly than CSP ex.

If you want to buy an animated tool at a reasonable price then you can buy CSP pro. But if you want high features for your professional work then, you should buy the Clip studio paint pro version.

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