Top 8 Best Custom Wallpaper Maker Tools in 2021

Wallpaper is a digital image that is used as a decorative background of a graphical user interface on the screen of an electronic gadget. While some wallpapers are programmed into the device by default, to set a different wallpaper other than the default ones, you have to download an image.

Choosing a wallpaper may look quite easy, but the journey of getting the right wallpaper for our device is not child’s play. Improper graphics, low-quality screen resolution, or unsupportable photo format, are a few reasons that make a wallpaper inappropriate… So, at this juncture, you can have a customised wallpaper.

Customising a wallpaper is not a very tedious task. Knowledge of some basic rules and tools, and a creative mind, that’s all you need to make your own wallpaper.

Now, the question arises, how can you customise your wallpaper?

For this, you can either choose a graphic editor or an online tool. Both these options have almost the same features to create a wallpaper.

So, here are some wallpaper makers that could help you to customise your desktop wallpaper.

1. DesignhillDesignhill editor allows you to customise your desktop wallpaper online for free. It offers you the features to create instant wallpapers that give a professional look. You only have to pay for a design when you want to download the high-resolution and print-ready preview. Also, you get the complete design copyright and ownership with the final file.

To start creating a wallpaper on Designhill, you should have an idea about the layout of the wallpaper and then you can customise your design according to your needs. Using the DIY tools where you get the multiple design personalisation options to design wallpaper. Designhill provides its customers full 24*7 online support and unlimited design ideas.

2. Adobe Photoshop – It is one of the most famous editors used to customise wallpapers. It offers you infinite desktop wallpaper HD templates to fit your imagination onto a desktop as wallpaper. Adobe Photoshop may seem hard at first for beginners but when you will use it frequently, you will surely love it.

Adobe Photoshop gives you myriad options such as photo editing, compositing to digital painting, animation, and graphic designing. AI technology makes the platform simpler and illustrated. You can learn new skills and share your project with the world via a live stream. It is quicker and smarter.

3. Fotor – Working on a computer or laptop for hours is very hectic and even can be frustrating for you. So, it is very important to refresh your mind by making your computer screens interesting. The best idea for this is to set a rejuvenating desktop wallpaper which will motivate you to work and will relax your stress. Fotor provides this facility in some simple steps. Customising your own desktop wallpaper according to your wish will inspire you to work hard.

User- friendly interface and easy to use editing tool helps you to create a perfect wallpaper for you in just a few clicks. Fotor offers you some very interesting features like photo effects, stickers, collage, and graphic designing and text makes your work unique and enthusiastic.

4. Canva – Everyone wants to reflect their personality on their workstation. Canva provides you with the facility to do the same. Customising a wallpaper using Canva is very easy and simple. It’s like drawing your thoughts on a blank paper canvas.

There are hundreds of templates available to choose the best for your wallpaper or you can even browse a picture from your device. The simple Click-and-point interface allows you to be creative and illustrative. Canva is also available as an app on the App Store and play store, so you can put your imagination into reality with your phones too.

5. Visme – It is a free online wallpaper customising software. With Visme, you can customise 5 wallpapers for free and after that, you have to pay for a plan that is affordable and reasonable.

It also provides you with 250 MB of storage, Visme me offers you hundreds of design templates and numerous stock photos to make your wallpaper background more beautiful and creative. The easy drag-and-drop tool is specially designed for beginners so that they do not face any problems. You can also share your customised wallpaper with your friends to showcase your creativity and imagination.

6. Wallpaper Engine – wallpaper engine is the software of new technology that provides you with live wallpapers. From videos to real-time illustrations and synergistic or audio responsive wallpapers. It does not reduce the games’ performance or does not even interfere with the current tab.

It’s continuously growing library provides you with infinite free wallpapers. The best thing is that it provides multi-device support. If you are a gaming freak or techno-savvy, then Wallpaper Engine will truly fascinate you.

7. Pixteller Wallpaper Editor – Personalise your wallpaper by creating marvelous designs using the Pixteller wallpaper editor. The instinctive pictures feature helps you create a unique marvellous background for your desktop, phone, or blog in just a few clicks. You can also develop dynamic backgrounds which can be used as GIFs using the editor. It is an easy-to-use software and trusted application to personalise your wallpaper.

8. Picmonkey – if you want your mobile phone wallpaper to be trendy and showcase your individuality in it, then Picmonkey is the best option for you. Using this application, you can personalize the wallpaper on your phone itself. Starting with a blank canvas and adding sparkling features to it to customise it according to your wish. It is easy to use and gives you a proper high-resolution and sized image that will fit your mobile screen.

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