Stampede Broadband Plans 2022

As we all know, in India, we can see several internet service providers all over the country. Earlier, the Internet service providers in the country were limited; however, as a part of the digitalization and high demand, we can see many providers on PAN India basis and state-wise.

In this artcile, we will check the latest plan available with a Class B Internet service provider named Stampede Communications PVT LTD. Stampede is a Kerala-based ISP serving in Kerala and Lakshadweep. Since Stampede is expanding its coverage in the state, we can see their service in limited areas only.

Stampede Broadband Unlimited Plans

Stampede offers an attractive competitive internet package with unlimited data usage. Following are the popular unlimited plan provided by the Stampede Internet Service Provider.

Stampede Superb 499 Unlimited Plan

With this plan, Stampede offers unlimited data with a speed of 75mbps. The base price of the Plan 499 is Rs. 499, and after adding GST, the monthly subscription charge is Rs. 589.

Stampede Unlimited Plan – Superb 677

In this plan, the company offers unlimited data with a speed of 125mbps. The based rate of this plan is Rs. 677, and with GST, you need to pay a monthly subscription of Rs. 799.

Stampede Superb 999 Unlimited Plan

The high-speed plan available with stampede is Plan 999, and with this plan, the speed available is 175mbps, and the base rate for this plan is Rs. 999, including GST. The total amount is Rs. 1179.

Stampede Unlimited Data FUP Policy

As a part of the Fair Usage Policy, all unlimited data plan is restricted to 3300GB of data usage at high speed. After 3300GB of data usage, the speed will be reduced to 2Mbps. However, you can use unlimited data with all the plans.

Stampede Online Payment/Recharge option

If you are a stampede internet user, you can make payment for your stampede broadband connection from the official webiste itself. Login to the stampede customer portal using your username and password, and you can recharge your account quickly. For Stampede Online Payment and Recharge, visit the official customer portal of Stampede Communications

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