How to Find Vehicle Ownership Details in Kerala

Earlier, to find vehicle ownership details in Kerala, everyone used the MVD Kerala managed vehicle details website. But by the introduction of a centralized Vahan portal, all the details are now available through the centralized system. Before the migration to the new Vahan Portal, all the state governments manage the vehicle details in their state under their own motor vehicle department system. In Kerala, it was under Kerala Motor Vehicle Department (KMVD).

Details of all the vehicles registered in Kerala State were available on the Kerala MVD website. Therefore, anyone was able to check the details online without any further procedures.

Find Vehicle Ownership Details in Kerala

With the implementation of the Vahan Portal, all the details are now available in a centralized platform. So the details of any vehicle registered in the country are available in the Vahan Portal, irrespective of the state. Initially, only new vehicle details were available. After migrating state MVD data to the Vahan Database, all the vehicle registration details in Kerala and other states are available via Vahan Website only.

How to Check Kerala Vehicle Registration Details

Checking the vehicle registration details via Vahan Website was a difficult task. If you reach the Vahan website, you will most probably get confused with many options. It is a bit difficult for a normal user. So we are skipping the Vahan website registration checking step and going directly to the simple option. The option is the same for all the states in India since it is not a state-specific website.

Step 1: Download the mParivahan app on your mobile from Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: Register or log in to the app using your mobile number.

Step 3: After completing the registration/login, you will reach the dashboard.

Step 4: You can find a search box at the top with a text Enter RC number to get details on the main screen. Enter the vehicle registration number and hit the search icon.

Step 5: Done, it will display the details of the vehicle on the same screen itself.

Note: Here, RC Number means your vehicle number itself. Since it is a central system, always enter the number in a unique format without any space.

For example, if the number is KL 01 – J 1, enter KL01J0001, If it is KL 02 – M 21, enter KL02M0021. So the final number should always be 4 digits.

As a part of privacy protection, if you check the vehicle registration number of any other person, you can’t see the complete name. The name will be displayed with an alternative “*” sign. Hence the correct name of the owner is not publically available now. However, you will get the details like Vehicle Model, Company, Make Year, etc.

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